Enjoy Our Whale Watching Tours and Cruises on the Sapphire Coast

You will probably never forget the experience of seeing your first whale. It’s something that’s imprinted on your memory forever. The phrase “once in a lifetime experience” is often overused. Not in this case. What is it that makes whale watching so memorable? Could it be the awe inspired by being so close to one of nature’s magnificent creatures? The closeness impresses upon you the size of the whale and how small your boat seems. It can take your breath away for a minute. When you’re interested in finding out more about whale watching tours on the Sapphire Coast, please come and see us at Rathlin II Fishing Tours.

The Sapphire Coast is a fantastic place where you can see whales feeding as they make their southern migration. The best time of the year to see this is right now, between late September and late November. This is the time of the year when the whales head for Antarctica along with their young. When you book a tour with us, you won’t need to worry about a good viewing position. Our boat, the Rathlin II has been doing whale tours for years, and we believe it’s the best boat in Merimbula to go whale watching on the Sapphire Coast.

Sapphire Coast great for whale watching

Once we leave port in Merimbula, it won’t be long until we spot humpback whales. We see more and more whales each year, and it seems as if the season has grown a bit longer over time. We know that we will see lots of whales, but there are some rules we always follow.

Most of the time we try to keep a safe distance away. Close enough to get a sense of the immense size of these creatures but not so close that if there were any sign of trouble, it would be hard to move away. We also know these animals are incredibly curious and sometimes they come so close to the boat you could reach out and touch them on the nose. Our experienced crew has done this many times and knows what to do around these massive animals.

When you’re on one of our whale watching cruises on the Sapphire Coast, don’t forget to dress warmly. Even so, you’ll want sunglasses and a little sunscreen for your face. Remember you are going to be out in the open water. If you ‘re going to wear a hat, make sure that you have one that has a chinstrap or it might blow away. If you’re worried about getting a little seasick, you’re not alone. Just visit your local chemist who will probably have something that can help you.

Come and see the whales

A Sapphire Coast whale watching tour will be something you remember for a lifetime. In fact, many of our customers start thinking about their next cruise with us before they can finish the first one. We pay considerable attention to customer service, and we are always ready to go that extra step to make sure that your cruise is a memorable one. So, come and visit us on the Sapphire Coast and take one of our whale watching cruises. You won’t be sorry you did.