Come from Eden or Bermagui to Experience the Incredible Fun of Tuna Fishing on the Sapphire Coast with Rathlin II Fishing Charters in Merimbula

For some anglers, it’s the sometimes-solitary nature of fishing that attracts them to the sport. For many others, though, it’s also about the thrill of the fight between the angler and his fish. That is why game fishing is such a popular pastime — not only is it an opportunity to explore the beauty of the ocean, but it offers an incredible challenge. When the only thing surrounding you is the open ocean and the sky above, your focus falls entirely on your line as it descends into the deep. Tuna fishing off Eden or Bermagui is an exciting time, and the experience of catching the fish is unforgettable fun. With the distance from shore one must travel to reach the best spots, however, it’s not an opportunity you get often. When you have the chance, you want it to be perfect.

At Rathlin II Fishing Charters, we know just how special it is to take a day off to go out and challenge yourself in this way. When you want to arrange an excursion for tuna fishing out of Merimbula, take the time to choose a charter that knows how to make it an exciting experience for you and your guests. From the spacious deck of the Rathlin II to high-tech equipment for navigation and fish finding, you’ll find many perks to choosing our team for your next fishing charter.

A complete experience for ideal tuna fishing on the Sapphire Coast

With plenty of amenities available, including an onboard toilet and a galley for preparing tea and lunch during the excursion, you can remain comfortable throughout the day. When you come for tuna fishing from Bermagui, you want to experience the action — not spend hours trolling to find tuna. With a 3kW transducer and cutting-edge fishfinder technology, we can locate the prime spots and ensure your group has the opportunity to do battle with some of the fiercest fighters in the sea.

Craig Chambers, the skipper of the Rathlin II, brings 25 years of commercial fishing experience to the table for every chartered trip. With this experience on hand, you can feel free to ask for pointers — or just sit back and enjoy the fishing as we guide you around the seas off the Sapphire Coast.

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From the anticipation during the cruise out to the shelf to the thrill when you finish the fight and reel in your first tuna of the day, an excursion with the Rathlin II and her crew awaits you. At every step of the way, our crew will work to ensure they do everything they can to create a positive experience for you and your guests. All our charters for tuna fishing on the Sapphire Coast depart from Merimbula, a short drive away from both Eden and Bermagui. To prepare to embark on a premier angling experience, enquire about making your booking today. Ring us on 0428 489 229 or submit an online enquiry.