Why Choose Rathlin II for Your Eden, Bermagui and South Coast Fishing Charters?

There is more to fishing than baiting a hook and casting a line. A qualified professional can teach you a lot about fishing, from how to improve your chances of catching a big fish to showing you the best spots to fish. Therein lies the appeal of a fishing charter. Going out on the water with a seasoned fishing expert will improve your skills, expose you to a few fascinating stories and probably help you hook a monster fish.

If you are looking for South Coast fishing charters, look no further than Rathlin II Fishing Charters.

The Perks of Booking One of Our Bermagui Fishing Charters

At Rathlin II Fishing Charters, we always strive to give our customers the best experiences possible. We want you to have a fantastic time out on the boat—whether you are enjoying a private charter with friends or a shared charter with fellow fishing enthusiasts you are just meeting for the first time. Here are a few of the benefits of booking one of our Bermagui fishing charters:

We know our stuff: When you book an Eden fishing charter aboard Rathlin II, you will be in the hands of skipper Craig Chambers. Craig is a seasoned angler who has been fishing commercially for more than 25 years. His fishing exploits have taken him all over the world and have also made him one of the real authorities on South Coast fishing. With Craig’s knowledge of these waters and his guidance on fishing tactics, even inexperienced anglers can land trophy catches.

Our boat is ideal for fishing: The Rathlin II is a 41-foot steber; custom built specifically for fishing. The vessel is comfortable, spacious and perfect for game fishing, reef fishing and deep sea fishing alike. Since many people book fishing charters because they don’t have ideal fishing vessels of their own, the Rathlin II is an attractive hire.

The pressure is off: When you have to captain your fishing vessel, there isn’t as much opportunity to enjoy the experience. You need to make sure the boat is fuelled and adequately maintained. You need to find the best fishing locations. You need to navigate to those places. You must remain conscious of the weather. When you invest in a South Coast fishing charter aboard the Rathlin II, these responsibilities are off your shoulders. You can focus on enjoying yourself and catching fish—an ideal proposition for many an angler.

You don’t need to bring your own gear: At Rathlin II Fishing Charters, we provide our passengers with everything they need to catch fish. From rods to bait to fish finding equipment, we have everything you need to find and catch the fish of your dreams.

As far as Eden fishing charters go, you can’t beat the kind of experience we offer on the Rathlin II. Suffice to say we didn’t become one of the most successful fishing charter boats on the South Coast by accident!

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