Experience Incredible Beauty with the Leading Whale Watching Tours and Cruises in Merimbula from the Crew of the Rathlin II

Australia offers no shortage of incredible opportunities to experience nature first-hand and create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s not just about the opportunities on land, either — there is plenty to watch out at sea, too. At Rathlin II Fishing Charters, we’re proud to offer some of the best whale watching cruises out of Merimbula aboard our 41-foot Steber. Whether you want to give an incredible gift, celebrate a birthday in style, or experience something new as a family, sailing out to watch the whales swim by is a singular thrill. When you can do it all from the comfort of our spacious boat in the safe, competent hands of skipper Craig Chambers, we think it’s the better way to cruise out among the whales.

This is a favourite activity, and that can make it difficult to secure the experience that you want to have. Rather than trying to pack as many passengers aboard as possible, though, we make it a point to avoid overcrowding so that everyone can enjoy their time. With competitive rates and a special family rate available for two adults and up to two children, now is an excellent time to take the opportunity to experience one of these cruises. What else is important for you to know when you want to go whale watching from Merimbula? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

An incredible way to experience whale watching in Merimbula

Your comfort is our priority when you come to Merimbula for our whale watching cruises. With a galley aboard the Rathlin II, it is easy to prepare tea or share snacks while we sail away from the coast. Your safety on these tours is essential, too, and that is why our skipper has not only 25 years of experience, but a Masters V and Med III certification as well. You can trust that your experience will be “smooth sailing.”

While we cannot guarantee that every one of our cruises will result in spotting whales, our experience over the years has been that we often have excellent luck during the main viewing season. This season has grown longer in recent years, and we’ve seen more whales arriving — a good sign that our tours will always have something to showcase. Of course, along the way, we will see many other types of wildlife, perhaps even including some inquisitive dolphins.

Make memories that will last a lifetime — book your cruises now

When considering the options in Merimbula for whale watching tours, put Rathlin II Fishing Charters at the top of your list. With an extremely experienced skipper, a state of the art vessel, and all the amenities you’ll need to enjoy a morning excursion to view the whales, we know we can provide a top-tier level of service. Let us know about anything we may be able to do to accommodate any special needs or to make your excursion more comfortable and enjoyable — we’ll do our best to see that you have a fantastic time. To set up your booking with our crew today, give us a call on (02) 6495 9947.