Take Bermagui Whale Watching Cruises or Tours

A whale watching tour can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Being on the ocean with these magnificent creatures can leave you with memories like no other. The pictures you take will be shared again and again with friends back home. It’s a great time of the year to consider whale watching tours in Bermagui. September to late November is the time of the year when humpback whales and their young pause to feed in the surrounding waters on their way to Antarctica during their southern migration. If you’re interested in a Bermagui whale watching tour, you want to go with an experienced captain and crew who has done this many times before and know where to locate the whales. That means that you want to book a tour with Rathlin II Fishing Tours.

Don’t let our name fool you. Yes, we also do fabulous fishing tours for avid fisherman and women, but we believe we also offer the best whale watching tours in the area. We think our boat can’t be beaten when it comes to seeing the many whales off our coast and whale watching cruises in Bermagui will leave you wanting for more. We even think you’ll be planning on taking your next trip with us before your first one is over.

You don’t want to miss Bermagui whale watching

We have a few tips for you when you come on a tour with us. Make sure you dress warmly. Even though we are moving into the warmer seasons, you’re still out on the open water. Also, pack a set of sunglasses to deal with reflections and some sunscreen for your face, so you don’t get sunburn. If you’re worried about seasickness, and truth be told many people do, a short trip to your local chemist before you travel with us will probably be all that you’ll need. Don’t forget to bring a hat, but make sure that it has a strap so that it won’t blow away. You want your trip to be comfortable and a memorable one. These few things will help make your trip more enjoyable so that you can focus on the experience of seeing the whales.

Our goal is to get close enough to give you good photos, but not so close that we scare the whales. These curious creatures, however, can sometimes come so close that you can almost reach out and touch them. Your experienced captain and crew have led many whale watching tours and will always make sure that you and the boat are in a safe position.

Now is the time to see the whales

As we said above, this is the best time of the year to go on a whale watching tour. It’s almost impossible not to see them. Our beautiful charter vessel has a large lounge area where you can rest in between sightings, and we have an onboard ‘powder room.’ There’s plenty of space so you’ll never have to worry about being crowded out while getting that superb picture. Our gallery offers many beautiful photos of the whales that we’ve seen on our tours. If you’re interested in that once-in-a-lifetime whale watching experience, contact us today.