Take Bermagui Whale Watching Cruises or Tours

A whale watching tour can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Being on the ocean with these magnificent creatures can leave you with memories like no other. The pictures you take will be shared again and again with friends back home. Read More

Enjoy a Private Getaway with Friends Along the Sapphire Coast: Book a Deep Sea Fishing Charter in Bermagui or South Coast

Perhaps you are planning a bachelor party or some other big event and want to make sure that it is memorable. Maybe you are just feeling worn down by the grind of work and want a chance to cut loose a bit with your best friends. Either way, you can’t go wrong chartering a boat for deep sea fishing along the Sapphire Coast. Read More

Book the Best Whale Watching Tours near Eden With a Cruise Aboard the Rathlin II

There are few experiences like observing wildlife in its natural habitat. Connecting with the natural world and watching it unfold in its original environment lets us tap into something bigger than ourselves. Read More

Why Choose Rathlin II for Your Eden, Bermagui and South Coast Fishing Charters?

There is more to fishing than baiting a hook and casting a line. A qualified professional can teach you a lot about fishing, from how to improve your chances of catching a big fish to showing you the best spots to fish. Read More

Get the Most out of Your Eden, Bermagui or South Coast Game Fishing: Choose Rathlin II Fishing Charters

Are you interested in game fishing on the beautiful waters of the South Coast? If you want to give yourself and your fellow anglers the best chance at landing a big fish, then Rathlin II Fishing Charters is your best bet. Read More

Experience Incredible Beauty with the Leading Whale Watching Tours and Cruises in Merimbula from the Crew of the Rathlin II

Australia offers no shortage of incredible opportunities to experience nature first-hand and create memories that will last a lifetime. It’s not just about the opportunities on land, either — there is plenty to watch out at sea, too. At Rathlin II Fishing Charters, we’re proud to offer some of the best whale watching cruises out of Merimbula aboard our 41-foot Steber. Read More

Best South Coast, Sapphire Coast or Bermagui Reef Fishing

Every avid fisherman or fisherwoman has dreamed of catching the big one. They long for the excitement of being out on the reef in a good boat with an experienced captain who knows where the fish are. Then comes the wait, and before long the battle with the fish. It could be a snapper, a salmon, or even a flathead. Read More

Enjoy Our Whale Watching Tours and Cruises on the Sapphire Coast

You will probably never forget the experience of seeing your first whale. It’s something that’s imprinted on your memory forever. The phrase “once in a lifetime experience” is often overused. Not in this case. What is it that makes whale watching so memorable? Read More

Come from Eden or Bermagui to Experience the Incredible Fun of Tuna Fishing on the Sapphire Coast with Rathlin II Fishing Charters in Merimbula

For some anglers, it’s the sometimes-solitary nature of fishing that attracts them to the sport. For many others, though, it’s also about the thrill of the fight between the angler and his fish. That is why game fishing is such a popular pastime — not only is it an opportunity to explore the beauty of the ocean, but it offers an incredible challenge. Read More